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 LEAD NETWORK TÜRKİYE haberi 16.09.2020
A Turkish woman on the LEAD Network Europe Advisory Board
LEAD Network Turkey's President Aysun Zaman, was elected to the European LEAD Network Advisory Board

Lead Network, which aims to increase the female workforce and the number of women leaders in the retail and consumer products sector, has more than 8 thousand members in Europe.

LEADER Network's 50 institutional partners in Turkey and has close to 700 members.

Aysun Zaman said, “I dream of a world that does not need women's associations. Thanks to LEAD Network, I am happy to see that there are talented professionals who share the same dream with me. I will be proud to be the first Turk in the LEAD Network European Advisory Board. “I believe this is a unique opportunity to take concrete steps together in the concepts of equality, diversity and inclusion”.