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 FMCG Turk haberi 20.05.2020
Additional customs duty imposed on 800 items
Additional tariffs up to 30 percent will be imposed on various goods, according to a Turkish Presidential Decree.

With a Presidential Decree published in the Official Gazette today (May 20), additional import tariffs have been imposed on more than 800 items.

additional import tariffs up to 30 percent will be imposed on imported goods until the end of September, "The Additional Decree to the Decree on the Impor Regime," says. After September, additional tariffs up to 10 percent will be imposed.

The decree includes goods such as construction machinery, crane, concrete mixing and pumping tools, spraying tools and machines, food and beverage manufacturing machines and presses, packaging machines, metal processing machines, injection machines, agricultural machinery and tools, milking machines, wire cutting processing machines and paper processing machines.

It also includes welded and seamless steel pipes, ship chains, iron steel wires and cables, iron steel plates, warehouse-cisterns, construction material, electrical equipment, electrical insulators, firebricks, marbles, granite, radiators, wires, aluminum foil, conveyors, transmission column, transmission shafts, electric accumulators, spark plugs, rearview mirrors, horns, brake pads, jacks, pneumatic tools, pipes and hoses from rubber and plastic, trailers, gas liquid and electric meters, PVC coatings and sheets, cartridges, photocopy printing and writing papers, contact lenses, glasses and glassware, tape measures, water heaters, projection screens, television receivers, speakers, electrical sign devices, scales, thermometers, wadding and felts.

Additional customs tax will be charged separately from customs duties and other financial obligations on imports and will be registered in the general budget.