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 ORTAKALAN haberi 26.06.2020
'Common mind' of the retail sector will meet
The Ortakakıl 2020 Conference will be held online from 2 to 6 November, with different topics every day and will be supported by a virtual fair.

All representatives of the retail sector will meet at Ortakakıl 2020 Conference, where professionals from all over the world will participate. The conference will take place online this year and will be a first in Turkey to be supported virtual exhibition for the retail industry.

70 speakers, 50 sessions and a unique concept
20 main sessions and more than 30 special sessions will be held for 5 days in Ortakakıl Conference, which will continue with a different main topic every day from 2 to 6 November. 4 moderators will direct the online conference, which will bring together over 70 speakers.

The conference will start with 'Retail Day' moderated by Erdal Tüfekçi, the Founder of Ortakakıl, Board Member of the Food Retailers Association and Onur Market Board Member, on 2 November. On the first day, sessions will be held with the top executives of the retail chains.

Orhan Ataç, the Founder of Ortakakıl, and General Manager of Bilgi A.Ş., will be the moderator of Retail Technologies Day, which will be held on November 3 with the participation of managers and opinion leaders in equipment and technology.

On November 4, the agenda in the fast moving consumer industry will be examined on FMCG Day with the moderation of Erdal Tüfekçi.

The European-Turkish Ethnic Market, which has become even more important for all sector components that have foreign trade targets after the coronavirus process, will be discussed in all aspects on Ethnic Market Day, which will be moderated by the Board Member of Ortakakıl and CEO of Matvarld on November 5.
The Ortakakıl Conference 2020 will present new business ideas for retail and innovative practices of young entrepreneurs to the sector, as it did last year. The moderation of the Startup Day on November 6 will be held by Ortakakıl and MarketYo Founder Ozer Fırat. 
The main sessions of the conference will start at 16:00 every day between 2-6 November and will continue until 18:00.

24-hour fair and daily special sessions
Ortakalan Virtual Fair will be the center of B2B meetings with the participation of leading companies in the industry. The virtual fair will be open 24 hours from November 2, 09:00 until November 6, 19:00.

In addition to the main sessions, over 30 private sessions will be held in the Ortakakıl Conference in 2020. Private sessions will start at 10:00 every day between 2 and 6 November and last until 16:00.

"We are leading the way for an innovative conference change"
The founder of Ortakalan, Babur Akyol, said the following about the Ortakakıl Conference, which will be held with a unique concept this year:
“The Ortakakıl 2020 Conference will cover many different topics this year with extensive content. The conference will hold many firsts for the retail sector. The 2020 Conference will be a leading meeting platform with features such as international participation, virtual fair, and five-day online program. For participation, we recommend that you review the 'Participation Packages' and 'Program' titles and hurry. The participation quota is limited to 3000 people. Hope to meet you on November 2.”

For participation in the conference: www.ortakalan.org/etkinlikler