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 FMCG Turk haberi 20.11.2020
Consumer Confidence Index, November 2020
Consumer confidence index realized as 80.1

Seasonally adjusted consumer confidence index calculated from the results of the consumer tendency survey carried out in cooperation with the Turkish Statistical Institute and Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey decreased by 2.2% in November compared to the previous month. The index became 80.1 in November while it was 81.9 in October.

The financial situation of household index at present compared to the last 12 months period which was 69.4 in October decreased by 4.1% and became 66.6 in November.

The financial situation expectation of household index in the next 12 months period which was 79.5 in October decreased by 0.6% and became 79.0 in November.

The general economic situation expectation index in the next 12 months period which was 81.4 in October decreased by 3.3% and became 78.7 in November.

Assessment on spending money on durable goods index over next 12 months compared to the past 12 months period which was 97.4 in October decreased by 1.2% and became 96.2 in November.