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Contraload is now under the Tosca brand
A statement was made from the US-based Tosca, which started its activities in Turkey as well. Recently acquired by Tosca, Contraload BV, a leader in pooled plastic pallets, will transition to the Tosca brand name as of July 2021

Tosca, a global leader in reusable packaging and supply chain solutions, acquired Contraload in September 2020 and Polymer Logistics in December of 2019.

Under one brand, Tosca will be able to serve partners with more flexibility and efficiency, servicing supply chains end-to-end, from the first mile to the last mile. As a stronger partner, the company offers a larger portfolio of products, an expanded network of service centers, R&D and manufacturing capabilities to create custom products to fit any supply chain, and greater financial scalability. Tosca also acquired Polymer Logistics in December 2019, enabling Tosca to enter the global market.

Jesse Sels, EMEA President of Tosca and founder of Contraload is excited about the transition to the Tosca brand. “It has been an exciting year of growth and change at Tosca as three leading packaging and service companies have been migrated into one, creating one stronger supply chain partner. Tosca is now the only pooling partner capable of servicing the entire supply chain.”

The combined organization specializes in pooled reusable packaging in six categories: crates, displays, bulk containers, pallets, layers and trays, and dollies. Pooled reusables offer supply chains more flexibility and better service. In addition to creating more efficiency in the supply chain, they also reduce the environmental impact of supply chains by eliminating waste and dependance on single-use packaging.