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 DARDANEL haberi 21.05.2020
Dardanel announces the financial results of 2020 Q1
Dardanel announced consolidated 211 million TL revenues in the first quarter of 2020. The company increased its sales revenue by 91 percent compared to last year.

Dardanel Onentas Gida Sanayi AS (Dardanel Onentas) is a Turkey-based company engaged in the production and marketing of canned tuna and other canned fish, frozen seafood, fish flour, canned and frozen fruits and vegetables, frozen pastry, frozen ready-made food products and pet food. Dardanel Onentas is also involved in the management of integrated storage and packaging facilities. Its products are marketed domestically and internationally.

Explaining the best quarterly balance sheet in its history, Dardanel increased its sales revenues from 110.2 million TL in the first quarter of last year to 211 million TL in the same period of this year, increasing by 91 percent. In the same period, the company's net profit was approximately TL 64 million.

Dardanel Chief Executive Officer Mehmet Önen said that the innovative investments made by the company had an important contribution in increasing sales revenues.