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 YILDIZ HOLDİNG haberi 15.09.2020
Food safety at Besler is further proven through Covid-19 Safe Production Certification
Giving priority to food safety and quality since its foundation, Turkey's leading oil and fat company Besler has been entitled to TSE-Covid-19 Safe Production Certification and further proved the success of its food safety and hygiene practices

Operating within Yıldız Holding and leading the oil and fat industry with powerful brands such as Bizim Yağ and Teremyağ, Besler Gıda has fully complied with all measures to be taken at production facilities in line with Covid-19 precautions and has been entitled to Covid-19 Safe Production Certification by the Turkish Standards Institution (TSE).

Stating that Besler attaches priority to food safety and quality in all production processes from procurement to end users, Kerevitaş Vice President responsible for Supply Chain and Production Sadettin Atilla said: “Thanks to our great care, high quality and hygiene standards during the pandemic, we have been entitled to TSE’s Covid-19 Safe Production Certification. This is a further proof of the safety of our production processes. We have a strong place in all kitchens, and we improve the taste in every meal. In full awareness of our responsibility, we will continue to work with the same care and to attach the greatest priority to human health.”