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Etnik Market
 HACI BEKİR haberi 19.11.2020
Hacı Bekir will increase its effectiveness in European markets
Hacı Bekir, the Turkish delight brand since Ottoman era, expands its distribution in European markets with Kav Consulting

Hacı Bekir aims to increase its market share in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium with the partnership of KAV Consultign and Arpacıoğlu Group which has a significant experience in the European ethnic market.

Ingrained in our culture and tradition as a significant element of Turkish-Ottoman history since 1777 with products such as Turkish Delights, hard candies, halvas and pastes, Hacı Bekir has gained the trust and appreciation of not only the public but also the palace, and they have been appointed as Chief Confectioner to the Palace for three generations. This management oversees all operations carried out in the company's factory, two production facilities and four retail outlets. In addition, the company has a worldwide export market stretching from New Zealand to Malaysia, the Middle East, Norway , England and the US .

The company's products emerge from facilities equipped with the latest technology and are produced in optimum conditions certified as world standard by ISO 9001-2008 The Quality Management System ,ISO 22000:2005 The Food Safety Management System and ISO 14001:2004 The Environmental Management System.