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 ORTAKALAN haberi 29.06.2020
New development for Ortakalan e-newsletters
Development of Ortakalan.org members in Turkish and English e-newsletter preferences

Ortakalan.org launched its English version in February of this year. The English news service aims to provide information about the developments in the Turkish business world to the sector-related people abroad.

English news content is also served daily as e-newsletter.

The inclusion of the English newsletter in the mailing list was previously done only with the flag icon on the top right of Ortakalan.org.

In the newsletter preferences, a new development was made with the demand from Ortakalan.org members. Ortakalan.org members can now receive both Turkish and English newsletters daily by clicking the E-newsletter tab in their account settings.

Ortakalan.org members can also set their preferences for the OrtakPazar product promotion newsletters, which are sent weekly.