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 YILDIZ HOLDİNG haberi 16.10.2020
Service quality of Polinas is further proven through TSE Covid-19 Safe Production Certification
Polinas, the creator of many firsts in the packaging industry of Turkey, has been entitled to TSE-Covid-19 Safe Production Certification with the measures and hygiene standards implemented against Covid-19

Operating within Yıldız Holding and acting as a leading player in the food protection and kitchen solutions industry especially with its brand Sera, Polinas has fully complied with all measures to be taken at production facilities in line with Covid-19 precautions and has been entitled to Covid-19 Safe Production Certification by the Turkish Standards Institution (TSE). 

High standards of quality and hygiene implemented throughout sustainable supply processesAs the CEO of Polinas, which contributes to the Turkish economy through exports to more than 60 countries, Faik Önaldı said: “Since the day it was founded, Polinas has always been the pioneer in national and international certifications of occupational safety, product safety, quality, and environment management systems. Paying utmost attention to the health and safety of employees and customers, we have taken all measures against Covid-19. Continuing to serve customers uninterruptedly and with high standards of quality and hygiene implemented throughout sustainable supply processes, Polinas succeeded in all required audits and has been entitled to TSE’s Covid-19 Safe Production Certification.”