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 Etnik Market haberi 11.01.2021
Turkey launches trade center in Chicago
Country wants to expand Turkish exporters' network, creating new business opportunities in US

Turkey set up a trade center Friday in the US city of Chicago to expand Turkish exporters' network and to ensure products exist in target countries with their name, brand and quality.   

"The US is among 44 countries where we broke an export record last year," Turkish Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan said during the online opening ceremony. "Now, the important thing is to make this momentum we have achieved with the US continuous and sustainable."

Emphasizing the government always strives to provide services in a more institutional way, Pekcan said: "Our trade center model abroad is actually an institutionalization story, offering common opportunities, providing a cost advantage, while providing the promotion of Turkish products." 

Pekcan said the global competitive environment is changing every day, with new concepts, institutions and instruments are emerging.

"This leads business people, exporters, policy makers and all relevant economic actors to develop different ways and methods in global competition and be innovative," he said.