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 FMCG Turk haberi 29.11.2019
Turkey Sectoral Confidence Indices, November 2019
Services confidence index realized as 91.3

Seasonally adjusted confidence index which was 90.7 for services in October increased by 0.7% in November to 91.3. In services sector; business situation and demand-turnover indices increased by 2.9% and 2.7% respectively to 89.3 and 87.6 compared to the previous month. However demand-turnover expectation index decreased by 2.9% to 97.1.

Seasonally adjusted retail trade confidence index decreased by 1.1% in November to 101.2. In retail trade sector; current volume of stock and business activity-sales expectation indices decreased by 2.2% and 2.5% respectively to 105.6 and 103.1 compared to the previous month. On the other hand, business activity-sales index increased by 1.8% to 95 in November.

Seasonally adjusted construction confidence index which was 65.1 in previous month decreased by 1.9% in November to 63.9. In construction sector; current overall order books index decreased by 8.1% to 44.5 while total employment expectation index increased by 1.7% to 83.3 compared to the previous month.